To Whom it may Concern:

The City of Portland has been burdened with an inordinate amount of homeless on its streets, which has caused an undue burden on police and social services.

The vast majority of the homeless population tends to remain homeless primarily due to mental and/or physical disabilities and handicaps.

In order to reduce strain on City and social services, including police enforcement, Axe Cap LLC and Freedom House LLC have combined resources, with the mission of taking up to sixteen of those identified as physically or mentally handicapped, and providing housing for them.

In addition to housing, the building will offer:

  • group counseling—with the option for individual counseling at the individual’s discretion
  • 24/7 on site supervision with live-in assistance
  • a structured, house rule system, that the entire on-site population is mandated to follow

To assist in identifying eligible individuals for this special program and site, we work closely with the City of Portland shelter staff and non-profit outreach workers to identify, filter, and place individuals with mental and/or physical handicaps who are disadvantaged.

We also place a priority on those mentally and/or physically handicapped individuals with a military background, such as disabled veterans, many of whom we have a history of assisting on-site and elsewhere in housing, guidance, and counseling services.

By taking these individuals off the streets, and providing a structured environment for them to live, the City of Portland will benefit greatly by a marked reduction in police calls, social service outlay, and related help and assistance for this identified population.


In order to be a tenant this building, the following house rules must be followed:

  1. No overnight guests
  2. No smoking in rooms or inside the building
  3. No drinking in the yard after sunset or before sunrise
  4. No guests after 9pm

All tenants must abide by the supervisor’s rules, as directed and at the supervisor’s discretion



In identifying the at-risk population, we have developed a stringent and personally signed form, mandating that no member of the housed population is a current user of illegal drugs, and that the population agrees to follow a stringent house rules system, which includes supervision and counseling, in addition to housing.

Example of form:

Site: 54-56 Maple Street, Portland, ME

In order to be a tenant in this building, the City of Portland has identified the following characteristics as a prerequisite for tenancy:

  1. All tenants must NOT be users of federally illegal drugs and narcotics—excluding locally regulated marijuana and/or derivatives.
  2. All tenants must have either, or both: physical, mental handicaps, which for the purposes of this application and HIPAA compliance purposes, is private.
  3. All tenants must follow posted house rules, including abiding by supervision and provided services as posted at the premises, to be changed and improved on an ongoing basis.

Tenant: I will hereby follow the above listed application guidelines during the entirety of my tenancy at 54-56 Maple Street, Portland, ME.

Signed: __________________________

Date: ____________________________

Witness: _________________________