Sober Living for Men Program


We are a 12-step-based sober living program.

All residents are required to attend 12-step meetings, join a home group and work the steps with a sponsor.

There is also a 30-day probationary period where residents must be in the house at curfew (no overnights).

House chores are regularly assigned.

If residents miss curfew, violate house rules, or are otherwise disruptive they are placed on “contract” with the hopes that they will be able to maintain residence in the house and continue to grow in their recovery.

Drug and alcohol use is not tolerated. Any use is grounds for dismissal. Residents asked to leave due to a relapse can reapply after 30 days.

There are no refunds given on rent paid.

Residents also must be active in the community and perform service work, work, or go to school at least 20 hours per week and attend a mandatory house meeting once a week.

Residents may stay as long as they wish, and staff are available for support in transitioning to independence.

Residents in need of medical services, psychiatric care, or social services receive referrals and resources for those services upon entry. Help in obtaining employment and health insurance is also available.


Rent is $500 per month and there is a $200 (one time) charge to cover the cost of drug testing ($700 to move in).

Scholarships and sliding scale fees are available to those who need financial assistance.

The men’s homes have a full time house manager and each home has a “house leader” available for support.

Contact Chris Bowden at (207) 730-1489 for more information on our men’s sober housing, or request information by email:Chris[at]]fhme[dot]org